1″ PolyCore (104 SF Per Box)

1" PolyCore by Lamvin, INC.
1" PolyCore by Lamvin, INC.1" PolyCore by Lamvin, INC.1" PolyCore by Lamvin, INC.

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Product Description

PolyCore™ is the newest addition to the PolyPro™ Series of products brought to you exclusively by AMD. PolyCore is polypropylene based and manufactured into a flexible semi-rigid panel. PolyCore is non-fibrous, water resistant, and durable enough to be used indoors or out. This is an excellent choice for acoustical and sound dampening applications. Fire rating for the PolyPro Series of products is Class A under the ASTM E84 testing process. Additionally, the PolyPro series of products does not support the growth of bacteria, fungus or mold and is washable with light detergents and can also be pressure washed. The lightweight and resilience of PolyCore makes installation easy; it can be field or factory cut into simple or complex designs and shapes for the perfect fit into virtually any application.

PolyCore™ panels are available in 1″ and 2″ thicknesses and in colors of white or black. We offer PolyCore in standard 2′ x 4′ sheets for direct adhesive application or adhesive/impaling clip application. We also offer PolyCore in 2′ x 2′ sizes for ceiling grids and offer custom sizing and fabrication to meet your specific application requirements. In addition, acoustical fabrics can be applied to any of the PolyPro Series of products.

PolyCore™ Recommended Applications: Gymnasiums, swimming and other aquatic facilities, auditoriums, class rooms, sporting stadiums and arenas, food processing, restaurants and manufacturing environments or any interior or exterior environment where acoustics and sound dampening treatments are required.