Bioline Wood Ceiling Tiles

Bioline Wood Ceiling Tiles
Bioline Wood Ceiling TilesBioline Wood Ceiling Tiles

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BIOLINE Wood Ceiling Tiles add warmth and elegance to offices, conference rooms, showrooms, entries, religious facilities and more. They are available in two distinctive styles and are made from recycled, renewable materials. The Solid-Finish tiles provide the beauty of real wood veneer while the organic tiles offer a unique fiber texture.

BIOLINE Wood Ceiling Tiles can contribute to LEED® credits.

Environmentally friendly, BIOLINE Solid-Finish tiles contain 70 percent recycled material. Choose from custom or six standard real wood veneers including cherry (red and natural), beech, bamboo (natural and carmel) or maple in perforated or unperforated options.

BIOLINE Organic-Texture tiles reduce reverberation and echo by absorbing between 55 and 80 percent of the sound directed toward them. Made from 80 percent recycled material, Organic-Texture tiles are offered in custom or three standard wood shades of light, medium and dark to complement your décor.