Guilford 2100 (FR 701) Fabric

Amethyst 424Apricot Neutral 404Aquamarine 381Baltic 153Bayberry 486Black 408Bleu Papier 539Blue Nuetral 401Blue Plum 553Blue Spruce 467Bone 748Bronze 545Buff 460Cement Mix 750Cherry Neutral 400Chocolate 793Chrome Green 549Cinnabar 422Claret Accent 418Cobalt 420Coin 794Crystal Blue 175Deep Burgundy 556Desert Sand 758Dune 749Earth 792Eggshell 144Eucalyptus 468Flannel 795Green Neutral 402Grey Mix 238Iris 798Lake 756Lavendar Neutral  405Leaf 755Light Moss 754Lilac 752Medium Grey 298Moleskin 796Opal 394Pearl 481Pumice 423Quartz 380Red 799Rose Quartz 390Sienna 475Silver Neutral 406Silver Papier 538Steel Gray 471Straw 747Stream 757Sunshine 797Terra 751Ultramarine 470Vanilla Neutral 403Verte Papier 561VioletWedgewood 150Wheat 130White 224

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Product Description

$15 per linear yard, 66″ wide. Sold in whole yard increments only, with 5(FIVE) Yard Minimum. Please adjust your quantity accordingly.
All orders under 5(FIVE) yards will be rejected.