Guilford 2335 (Anchorage) Fabric

Guilford Anchorage
Amber 2020Angora 2035Asteroid 2053Aubergine 2036Birch 2129Colbalt 2045Coffee Bean 2083Cumin 2050Deep Water 2051Eucalyptus 2047Fossil 2093Geranium 2084Goldenrod 2090Goose 2049Graphite 2079Green Apple 2087Green Olive 2048Henna 2052Lapis 2094Magenta 2692Midnight 2025Mulberry 2044Onyx 2016Pine Needle 2022Poppy 2091Pumpkin 2021Quarry Blue 2026Red Delicious 2014Sea 2077Slate 2017Straw 2034Sunshine 2082Thistle 2085Vanilla 2130Waterfall 2691White 2664Willow 2028Wolf 2027

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Product Description

$15 per linear yard, 66″ wide. Sold in whole yard increments only, with 5(FIVE) Yard Minimum. Please adjust your quantity accordingly.
All orders under 5(FIVE) yards will be rejected.