pinta Squareline Medium Metal Ceiling Tiles with Fleece Insert

pinta Squareline Medium Metal Ceiling Tiles with Fleece Insert

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Constructed of expanded metal with an acoustical insert, SQUARELINE Metal Ceiling Tiles can provide just the look you need for any modern interior space. All SQUARELINE tiles are constructed from 35% – 55% recycled material.

New – SQUARELINE is now available in black metal.

SQUARELINE Metal Ceiling Tiles Features:
Expanded metal is made from galvanized, powder-coated steel.
Each tile is backed with pinta’s special high-density, impregnated willtec® FM insert for acoustical control. (Note: Typical insert thickness is 1/4”; 1/2” thick insert available on custom-order basis.)
Sleek chrome or white metal compliments most interior designs, with tile size of 24″x24″, 24″x48″ and 48″x48″.

Class 1 fire-rated for smoke density and flame spread.
Installation in 15/16” grid systems is still quick and easy with one side of each tile having a notch cut out for directional purposes.
Excellent sound absorption qualities.

A design alternative to traditional linear or perforated metal ceilings, SQUARELINE Metal Ceiling Tiles are affordable and easily installed at virtually any stage of construction. These dramatic and versatile ceiling tiles are perfect for convention centers, stadiums, office complexes, theaters, museums and more.Custom options include tiles without the acoustical insert, special sizes or alternative color metal.