PROSPEC® Barriers / Mass Loaded Vinyl

PROSPEC® BarriersPROSPEC® BarriersPROSPEC® Barriers

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Product Description

PROSPEC Barriers are an ideal solution for isolating noise and minimizing sound tranmission through walls and or ceilings. Hang it like a curtain, weave it inside a wall cavity, or mount it over an existing wall to help contain noise. Three different styles are availble to best suite your application.

Reinforced barrier has an interior mesh-like material allowing it to be hung like a curtain around the noise source. Office spaces use this barrier as a wall extension from the wall/ceiling junction up through the plenum to the deck. Install it as a partition between manufacturing cells or around machines to help prevent the noise from reverberating through adjacent areas.

Non-reinforced barrier is designed to be attached to walls, unrolled on top of suspended ceilings or woven between studs of a staggered-stud wall construction.

Clear barrier is a see-through curtain material engineered to block sound without blocking vision. It is perfect for surrounding equipment and work areas where noise reduction is required and visual observation a must.