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Rotofast Panel Anchors
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Product Description

Rotofast Standard Anchors Instructions (Download PDF)
Rotofast Standard Anchors may be used to install fiberglass core panel on concrete block, drywall, wallboard, metal decking or open studs.
Review the 4 simple steps illustrated below to see how easily Rotofast can fastens a panel to any substrate.

Installation Instructions

Step 1
To install fiber-core panels (fabric covered, vinyl covered, sprayed on finishes) simply screw Rotofast Standard Anchors to the substrate. Pre-mark anchor locations using the template provided.

Refer to Installation Instructions (Download PDF) for complete details or see below Detailed Instructions.

Step 1

Step 2
Push metal insert firmly into the Rotofast Anchor body.

Step 1

Step 3
Position panel at pre-marked location.Push the hex driver through the panel face.

Fully engage the metal hex insert in the center of the Rotofast Standard Anchor.

For panels covered in specialty fabrics, coatings and vinyls please check our Snap-On Anchor solution.

Step 1

Step 4
Turn the Rotofast Standard Anchor counter clockwise approximately two revolutions. The anchor will cut easily into the panel core, firmly attaching it to the substrate. Pull the driver out, rub the fabric to hide the small hole and that’s it!

Step 1

Detailed Instructions

Step 1
Position panel.
Mark its location.

Step 1

Step 2
Put masking tape on panel face at anchor locations (optional).
Position template. Push scratch awl through panel at template marking hole. Indent wallboard behind panel.

Note: to mark harder wall material, i.e. concrete block, after marking the panel with the scratch awl, put a common nail in the hole and tap with a hammer.

Step 1

Step 3
Screw Rotofast panel anchors to wall at pre-marked locations.
(Consult manufacturer for recommended fasteners to use with Rotofast anchors)

Note: do not over-tighten, anchors should be hand tight and able to turn on screw shaft.

Step 1

Step 4
Push hex insert firmly into anchor body.

Note: do not over-tighten, anchors should be hand tight and able to turn on screw shaft.

Step 1

Step 5
Re-position panel.
Push ball point hex driver through panel to engage Rotofast anchor.

Note: fully engage hex driver with metal insert before turning.

Step 1

Step 6
Turn Rotofast panel anchors counterclockwise (left), while pushing panel towards wall.

Note: 1-2 turns, do not over-tighten.

Remove masking tape. Lightly rub fabric to hide hole locations.

Step 1

Rotofast Panel Anchors are made from stabilized polypropylene plastic. Strong and non-reactive, Rotofast Panel Anchors will not chemically react with fiberglass binders.
Rotofast Panel Anchors are turned through the face of the panel. Most panel face materials can be punctured with the smooth pointed awl and the hole closed easily afterwards.
Panels installed with Rotofast Panel Anchors are also easily removed. Using the template to locate the anchors, simply reverse the installation procedure.

The Rotofast Panel Anchor is approximately 2 inches in diameter and less than 1 inch high.

Rotofast Panel Anchors securely fasten fiberglass core panels to any substrate.
The sharp leading edge of the Rotofast Panel Anchor cuts cleanly into the panel core material, pulling it securely into the substrate.
The large surface area is the key to the high pull out strength of the Rotofast Panel Anchor. Rotofast anchors have been tested to hold 45 lbs in 6 lb/ft3 rigid fiberglass board insulation.

Rotofast Panel Anchors can be used to fasten fiberglass core panels to any substrate.
Each substrate (concrete block, wall board, wood) may require different types of fasteners to attach Rotofast Panel Anchors securely. Your panel manufacturer or Rotofast dealer can provide recommendations on this.
Panels may contain any rigid fiberglass core (4 to 12 lbs/ft3), and be of a 1 to 4 inch thickness. Panel face material may include:
Sprayed on coatings