SONEX® Barrier Septum

SONEX® Barrier Septum
SONEX® Barrier Septum

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Product Description

SONEX Curtain Barrier Septum combine sound absorbing and noise barrier properties into one product. An effective “sandwich” of layers, SONEX Curtain Barrier Septum consists of quilted vinyl-faced layers of willtec® foam bonded on both sides of noise barrier material producing a curtain that both contains and absorbs noise. It is easily installed and can be formed into any configuration for customized acoustical enclosures or noise barrier walls.

Flexible barrier septum, high transmission loss (STC) ratings, impressive sound absorption (NRC) ratings, customized configurations, and tough, durable, washable facings make SONEX Curtain Barrier Septum an excellent choice for effective noise control on any size project.

Ideally installed in areas where noise sources are on both sides of the panels, SONEX Curtain Barrier Septum can be manufactured with grommets and hook & loop fasteners along each edge for use in an acoustical enclosure. The standard facing material is a vinyl-coated fabric in grey, white, tan or black. Other options for facing materials are also available.

Typical applications:

Utilize as perimeter walls, separator walls or divider partitions between noise sources.

Use as a liner for interiors of pre-existing enclosures to further reduce noise levels.

Separate machine or work stations where both sides need sound absorption and noise containment.

Isolate and absorb noise around compressors, punch presses, vibratory bowls, granulators, turning machines or other demanding equipment or processes.

Use as walls of acoustical enclosures or partitions in manufacturing areas.

Improve sound transmission of standard doors to keep noise out of office areas adjoined to manufacturing areas.