SONEX® Curtain Barrier Backed

SONEX® Curtain Barrier Backed
SONEX® Curtain Barrier Backed

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Product Description

SONEX Curtain Barrier Backed is a composite that features sound absorptive willtec® foam quilted with a vinyl facing on one side, bonded to a reinforced noise barrier material on the other. This product provides both excellent sound transmission loss and sound absorption performance. The standard facing material is a vinyl-coated fabric in grey, white, tan or black. Other options for facing materials are also available.

SONEX Curtain Barrier Backed can be sued as barriers, independent walls and partitions, or portable acoustical screens to isolate noisy machines or specific areas. The combination of barrier and willtec in SONEX Curtain Barrier Backed contains and absorbs noise in almost any manufacturing environment where durability and dependability are required.

With the quilted side facing the noise source, these curtains can be installed with a variety of different hardware and hanging mechanisms to provide quick and easy access to machines or work cells. They can also be integrated as a complete acoustical enclosure system with windows and sliding doors on various sliding track systems.

Typical Applications:

Isolate and absorb noise around compressors, punch presses, vibratory bowls, granulators, blowers, turning machines and any other demanding equipment or process.

Separate workstations in high-traffic areas.

Provide sound containment and absorption in high-abuse areas.

Custom made “acoustical jackets” on blowers, fans or compressor housing.

Suitable for some outdoor applications.