SONEX® Quilted Absorber

SONEX® Quilted Absorber
SONEX® Quilted Absorber

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Product Description

SONEX Curtain Quilted Absorber combines the acoustical features of willtec® foam with the advantages of durable, cleanable and abrasion-resistance facings. These curtains can be customized to withstand a wide range of temperature limits and they are unaffected by humidity, dust, dirt, oils and most chemicals.

SONEX Curtain Quilted Absorber can be custom-designed with grommets and/or hook & loop fasteners, and can be constructed as baffles, roll goods or parts of an enclosure system. Suitable for a wide range of environments, SONEX Curtain QA can be used to treat manufacturing facilities, rooms, high-traffic areas, existing enclosures, or original equipment. The standard facing material is a vinyl-coated fabric in grey, white, tan or black. Other options for facing materials are also available.
Typical applications:

Reduce reverberation in large manufacturing environments.

Improve communication in high-traffic areas and corridors.

Add absorption to pre-existing walls or partitions.

Line inside of welding booths with panels made with silicone-facing option.

Adhere to walls to reduce general noise level in rooms or buildings.

Fabricate with grommets or mechanical fasteners to hand as ceiling baffles