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pinta's proprietary willtec foam is made from porous melamine. A unique, flexible alternative to polyurethane, our willtec foam is an excellent sound control choice because it retains the acoustic qualities of polyurethane but is far less flammable.

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Product Description

willtec® has a Class 1 fire rating, the best fire rating possible for a building material. It is flame and chemical-resistant and, unlike polyurethane foams, it will not decompose or emit toxic gases when exposed to flame.

While polyurethane will start to break down at around 482°F, melamine foam can be exposed to constant temperatures up to 300°F, and short-term temperatures up to 482°F. It will char but will not ignite when exposed to temperatures as high as 1120°F.

In the past, melamine foam products have been more costly than polyurethane. But today’s technical and manufacturing advances have made this safer alternative price-competitive.